JYSA Fall 2020 Practice and Game Guidelines


JYSA Fall 2020 Practice and Game Guidelines



Practices should follow the same sort of guidelines as the games. 



1. Players and families should take their temperatures before arriving to confirm they are fever free. Players and families should also confirm they have no COVID-19 symptoms and no exposure to individuals with positive COVID19 tests. Symptoms include:  Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, Diarrhea


 2. Players and spectators should not enter the field area and remain at cars until all participants from the prior game have departed. 


3. Socially distanced “bench areas” should be identified with cones 6 feet apart. Real benches will not be provided. (Players can bring their own chairs or blanket to sit on in their own space and keep their water bottles and belongings in their space.)


4. Players and coaches must remain masked until warm ups begin. 


5. Coaches must maintain a record of players attending each game


6. Spectators must wear a mask at all times when moving around the facility. Masks are not required while sitting and watching the game with your family AND seated 6 ft from other families. 


7. There will be two hand sanitizer stations provided at JPP, and one at Bell Place..


8. Please notice and follow all signage posted.


Game Activities 

1. Warmups cannot begin until previous teams have left the field. Maintain as much social distance as possible and avoid intentionally touching each other, this includes hugs, high fives or huddles.


2. Uniform or jewelry checks will be visible checks only, maintaining social distance between the referee and players. (U8 and U10)


3. Team meetings should be kept brief.  All participants should be wearing masks and maintain social distances. Huddles must be avoided. 


4. Players must wear masks while on the sideline. 


5. During halftime, referees, players and coaches must maintain at least six feet distance between each other and wear masks. Players should sanitize their hands. 


6. Coaches should limit the amount of time the entire team is near the bench area at one time. 


7. No post-game handshakes will take place. Consider other forms of sportsmanship or 

instituting new acknowledgement traditions such as clapping, etc. 


8. Teams must pack up and immediately leave the field following the game. a. Post-game meetings must be kept brief and all participants should wear masks. b. Huddles must be avoided. 


9. Do not have team snack that is shared among the team members. Prepackaged snacks are acceptable but use hand sanitizer before passing out and eating. 


10. Teams must clean up the team sideline so that it is clean of all trash. 


11. Spectators must maintain social distance following the game